Descender-aware underlines for every browser


SmartUnderline is an open-source JavaScript library which uses clever tricks to draw underlines in a more beautiful and readable way. It can be downloaded on GitHub or installed for free on the Eager App Store.

SmartUnderline works by searching your page for links which have a CSS underline applied with text-decoration, and replaces the text-decoration with a smarter line drawn in such a way that it gets cleared by the descenders—glyphs such as “g”, “j”, and others—creating more readable and beautiful links.

Install SmartUnderline on your website for free, with Eager.

Install with Eager


Some before-and-after examples.

Intriguing, eh?Intriguing, eh?

متشرف بمعرفتكمتشرف بمعرفتك

Illegal stylesIllegal styles

And one more for some fun. :)

50 ways of joyfully piquing intrigue


While SmartUnderline works great on blogs and in other controlled-text enironments, there are a few things you should be aware of when considering using SmartUnderline on your website.

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