You Can Now Buy (and Sell) Apps on Eager

When we launched Eager, the vision was clear. We wanted to make it possible for non-technical people to use more of the plugins and tools technical people spend their lives building. We wanted to make it as easy to install SmartUnderline or Hover as it is to install an app on your phone.

Allowing people to install apps for free is tremendously powerful, it multiplies the power and capability of a website owner. It’s paid apps, however, that allow technical creators to keep building things. When you pay $19 a year to use Ideal Image Slider, you are supporting Dev7studios as they work every day to make it better.

For this reason, it’s with great pride that we announce that you can now buy and sell apps on Eager. If you’re a developer, creating an Eager app can often be as simple as adding an install.json file to any client-side library or tool. If you’re a website owner, you can add Eager to your site in just a couple minutes, and gain access to the world of Eager apps. Either way, we’re always here to help.

I also want to take this opportunity to talk about a couple customer-focused decisions we’ve made:

Automatic free trials

When you install an app, we give you two weeks to try it out, live on your site, before charging you anything. If you uninstall it in those two weeks, you will never be charged. You should know what you’re buying, and that it will do what you need, and with Eager you do.

Automatic prorated refunds

You pay for Eager apps annually. For example, if you purchase Ideal Image Slider today, you will exchange $19 for a beautiful image slider added to your site for the next year. But what if you redesign your site in six months? With Eager, when you uninstall an app we issue an automatic refund for the remainder of the year. You do not pay for one second of time you aren’t getting value.

One thing I want to highlight is they’re both automatic. You don’t have to contact us, you don’t have to know that these policies exist, to be treated fairly. As always, we would love your feedback, you can reach us in the comments, or at [email protected].

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