Using Eager to Replace Elements on your Site

We most commonly talk about Eager as a way of adding things to your site. But you can use Eager to replace underperforming elements of your site with snazzier alternatives from the app store.

For example, on my blog I have a built-in commenting tool which just doesn't have the moderating, verification and social features of a modern option like Disqus. Let’s take a look at how I replaced it with Disqus:

It’s as simple as selecting the element I want to replace, and choosing the final “Replace” option in the “Place the app” dropdown. If you don’t get the right element on the first try, try placing the app again. You can test different options in the Live Preview as many times as you need. As always, when you’re ready to make your changes live, click “Install”.

Here are some examples of other creative replacements you can make:

  • Use the Add Markdown or Add HTML apps to replace titles or text whenever needed.
  • Use the Photoswipe app to replace your existing images with a modern slideshow.
  • Use the Social Icons app to replace your existing social section with a styleable alternative.

If you’ve never used Eager before, you can add it to your site in seconds. You will instantly gain access to dozens of free apps you can add to your website today to make it more powerful, more quick and more beautiful.

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