Introducing Page Selection

At Eager, one feature has always been near the top of our priority lists: The ability to install apps onto just a portion of your site. For example you may only want Disqus on your blog posts, or Scroll Reveal on a single landing page.

One thing which virtually every computer user is experienced with is selecting files and folders. We decided to create a way of selecting pages on our user’s websites which could be just as simple. Creating this for pages on a website meant building a crawler which could map our user’s sites. Our crawler builds and maintains a map of the pages with the Eager embed code, allowing us to provide an intuitive way of selecting pages:

We also display a written-out description of the selection to reinforce what’s been selected:

The selections are supported in the live app preview, allowing Eager users to see where their apps will appear in real time:

The crawler integrates with our log file processing system and API to see that new sites are often crawled in less than sixty seconds. Even better, the sitemap the crawler gives us allows us to add autocomplete to the preview’s URL bar:

If you already have an Eager site, page selection is already live on all app install pages. If you don’t, add Eager to your site to give it a try!

If you’re a developer, Eager is the easiest way to get your plugin or library onto more websites. Learn more about building apps for Eager.

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