Installing Disqus on Octopress

Disqus is the most popular third-party comment tool around. In fact, we use it on this very blog. It lets you add a dynamic, powerful commenting section to any page on your site.

Octopress is a Jekyll-based blogging platform which has been gaining popularity amoung people who are interested in a simpler blogging environment.

Adding Disqus to your Octopress account is as simple as creating a Disqus account, and passing the “shortname” you create into your Octopress install.

Creating a Disqus Account

Creating a Disqus account is as simple as filling out a few fields on their signup page. What you type into the “Choose your unique Disqus URL” field will become what’s known as your shortname’. That shortname is what you need in the next step.

Adding Your Shortname to Octopress

Your Octopress installation includes a file titled _config.yml. Near the bottom of this file, you’ll find an option called "disqus_short_name". You’ll want to place your new Disqus shortname there, wrapped in quotes.

That’s it, you’re done!

Using Eager

Eager provides a more powerful way of installing Disqus. After creating your Disqus account, rather than adding your shortname to your Octopress config, visit the Disqus app install page. You will see a live preview of Disqus on your site and have the ability to place the comments exactly where you want them.

Whichever installation method you choose, your users will now enjoy all the commenting experience Disqus brings to bear. If you had any trouble with the installation, please let us know in the (Disqus) comments below.

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