Get Started With User Segmenting By Showing a Special Message To Your New Visitors

One of the most exciting trends in marketing and development is user “segmenting”. Segmenting refers to treating different types of users differently. For example, a user visting your site for the first time may need some introductory info about what you do, while a user who has been coming to you for years is probably looking to get down to business.

There are high power (and expensive) tools for segmenting your users. But for many simple sites, they might be overkill. They also often require you completely rebuild your site on their platform. Using Eager and the Aware app though, it's possible to get started with segmenting in less than five minutes without spending a dime.

Let me show you how I added a message to my personal site to solicit some feedback from my visitors:

It’s as simple as typing my message, choosing who should see it, and customizing how it should look. Aware handles showing it to just the right visitors, and Eager gets it onto your site. Best of all, once Eager is installed, you don’t need to write any code, or get help from a developer.

The options for segmented messages are endless. For example:

  • Give a special discount code to new visitors to motivate them to make a purchase today.
  • Welcome back returning visitors with a special offer for support or consultation. They’re coming back, they might be interested in more information.
  • Provide a link to your introductary documentation for new visitors who may not understand your business yet.
  • Suggest your returning visitors transition to your ebook or other more in-depth offerings, converting them into leads.

If you’ve never used Eager before, you can add it to your site in seconds. You will instantly gain access to dozens of free apps you can add to your website today like Aware.

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