Adding an HTML embed with Eager

We at Eager dream of the day when we have every plugin and service out there packaged up as a convenient app. Unfortunately, there are always going to be services just not on Eager yet. Fortunately though, you can always add any traditional HTML embed code with Eager.

For example, let’s add an embed to my site:

It’s as simple as choosing where the embed should be inserted, and pasting the HTML. For embeds which don’t show anything in the page, or which recommend they be inserted at the end of the <body>, just use the selector body.

You can use the Add HTML app to do all sorts of powerful things:

  • Replace copy on your site
  • Add an analytics tracking code without enlisting help from a developer
  • Add embeds to your blog posts
  • Add a Twitter or Facebook button to your site

If you’ve never used Eager before, you can add it to your site in seconds. You will instantly gain access to dozens of free apps you can add to your website today to make it more powerful, more quick and more beautiful.

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